20. Jan 2020
Product News

Introducing Sphero: Revolutionary urinals with built-in intelligence

Ideal Standard has unveiled its new, pioneering collection of urinals, Sphero.

Ideal Standard International, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bathroom solutions, has launched Sphero, its new collection of pioneering urinals. Designed in partnership with the award-winning Studio Levien, the Sphero collection features stylish aesthetics and uses built-in smart technology which allows for greater levels of cleanliness and water saving capabilities in all commercial spaces. The new range marks a step forward in urinal performance, meeting the needs of professionals and users alike. 
The intelligent Sphero range comprises three differently-sized models. These are available to suit a variety of installation types within any high and medium traffic premium commercial settings, such as airports, hotel washrooms, or gymnasiums. The Mini, Midi and Maxi versions each have unique features that will meet the needs of specifiers, architects and designers, as well as end-users both today and well into the future.  

Robin Levien, head of Studio Levien, worked closely with Ideal Standard’s product teams to fashion the collection’s distinctive circular, concave shape. Its form has been created to specifically minimize splashing and, as such, improve the cleanliness and efficiency of the urinal. The rimless design eliminates hidden surfaces and the build-up of bacteria-contaminated standing water – a key issue for end-users and maintenance teams with traditional urinals. 

Robin Levien commented: “Today’s commercial spaces need washroom solutions which meet the evolving health and wellbeing needs of society. We know that occupants are increasingly prioritizing comfort and hygiene above all else, so it’s important that we cater for these preferences. We wanted Sphero to stand-out in the market, with a unique minimalist shape that supports the requirements of everyone who interacts with it.”  

Selected Maxi and Midi models host our innovative Smart Sensor technology, offering those responsible for washrooms in commercial buildings enhanced levels of hygiene, and a more environmentally friendly solution. The intelligent sensor inside the urinals measures urine concentration rather than human presence, which means it only flushes the system when required, and not on every usage. In high-traffic environments, this revolutionary technology set to Hybrid mode uses around 10 times less water than conventional urinals or infrared solutions.  

Thanks to the intelligent positioning of the sensor it can also detect waste blockages as well as cartridge or battery end of life. The spreader features an integrated LED warning light that provides a distinctive alert when the sensor detects flow, power or cartridge issues.  

Easy to specify, quick to install 

Ideal Standard also offers an installation template for Sphero’s Maxi and Midi models with an incorporated rubber seal which eliminates the need for engineers to use sealant when installing the product. The template includes a levelling slot, pre-holes and marked information for quick and easy installation. The easy maintenance bracket provides innovative hinges so engineers can access the inner workings of the urinals while they are in site. The bracket means Sphero opens like a door, so you can perform maintenance without removing the ceramic from the wall. The products needed for installation, including pre-wall frames, inlet connections and waste pipes, can be supplied by Ideal Standard, making full specification much easier.  

Meeting tomorrow’s demands 

The Maxi Smart E-Hybrid model has been developed to link to a mobile app which allows facility managers and building owners to change from default Hybrid mode to Standard or Waterless. It also gives them the possibility to adjust settings such as the frequency of the flushes as well as the flush volume. Additionally, it allows them to examine usage data in real time and it provides them with diagnostics for corrective action. 

Kombiz Layeghi, Innovation Director, Ideal Standard International, commented: “At Ideal Standard, we work closely with our customers to positively impact the future of modern commercial buildings. We believe in designing for the people, but also innovating for the planet. This was the thinking behind our Sphero offering, which brings hygiene, user comfort and easy maintenance together thanks to intelligent designs and smart technology. This new collection features stylish aesthetics allowing for greater levels of cleanliness, and water saving capabilities. Water is our most precious resource and our next generation of products will help address the growing global challenge of climate change.” 

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