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Allowed functionalities
  • Necessary 1: Remembering previous actions (e.g. user entered text, or items added to “carts”) when navigating back to a page in the same session.
  • Necessary 2: Managing and passing security tokens to different services within a website to identify the visitor’s status
  • Necessary 3: To route customers to specific versions/applications of a service, such as might be used during a technical migration.
  • Necessary 4: To maintain tokens for the implementation of secure areas of the website.
  • Necessary 5: Multimedia content player session cookies for the duration of a session.
  • Necessary 6: Load balancing session cookies for the duration of a session.
Not allowed functionalities
  • Necessary 1: To gather information that could be used for marketing to the user.
  • Necessary 2: To remember customer preferences or user ID’s outside a single session (unless the user has requested this function).
Allowed functionalities
  • Functional 1: Web analytics — where the data collected is limited to the website operator’s use only, for managing the performance and design of the site. These cookies can be third-party cookies but the information must be for the exclusive use of the publisher of the website visited.
  • Functional 2: Ad response rates — where the data is used exclusively for calculating response rates (click-through rates) to improve the effectiveness of advertising purchased on a site external to the destination website.
  • Functional 3: Error management — Measuring errors presented on a website, typically this will be to support service improvement or complaint management and will generally be closely linked with web analytics.
  • Functional 4: Testing designs — Testing variations of design, typically using A/B or multivariate testing, to ensure a consistent look and feel is maintained for the user of the site in the current and subsequent sessions.
  • Functional 5: Detecting if a service has already been offered,
  • Functional 6: Providing information to allow an optional service to function such as offering a live chat session.
  • Functional 7: Fulfilling a request by the user such as submitting a comment.
Not allowed functionalities
  • Functional 1: These cookies will not be used to re-target adverts,
Allowed functionalities
  • Marketing 1: Interest-based advertising (or online behavioural advertising)
  • Marketing 2: ‘Retargeting’ a form of interest-based advertising
  • Marketing 3: Social media. Occasionally we advertise our products on social media.
Not allowed functionalities

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