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FirmaFlow® Therm & Ceratherm T

The Ceratherm T collections by Ideal Standard deliver top performance every day, because they were developed from the inside out. Thanks to the hidden brilliance of FirmaFlow® Therm, one can enjoy an unrivalled levels of durability, safety and performance - with an ergonomic design that delivers the pure showering pleasure, day after day.

Hidden brilliance since 1969

The original. Perfected.

We wanted the Ceratherm T range to perform brilliantly, yet be as slim as possible. That is why we developed FirmaFlow ® Therm: a revolutionary smaller thermostatic cartridge. 

It provides safety and efficiency, while enabling us to create a streamlined design, ideal for any project, for both high- and low- traffic environments.

FirmaFlow ® Therm is designed to power every product in the range over a long, problem-free service life.






Efficiently enjoyable

Less water, less energy.
More calm for you.

Our integrated controls reduce waste in a number of ways when compared to traditional mixers.
FirmaFlow ® Therm is so efficient that it reaches the target temperature much faster and thus saves energy. With the Eco setting, you can limit the flow rate up to 50% without affecting performance. In addition, our Idealrain hand showers have a flow limiter that ensures maximum water efficiency. 


Water is important - that's why we don't waste a drop. The water temperature in our thermostatic fittings is preset and remains constant during use. And the thermostatic mechanism automatically controls the hot and cold water flows and helps you save water.
These innovations not only reduce water consumption, but also improve the use of every single drop. At a time when water is becoming increasingly valuable, they are part of our efforts to protect this important resource in everyday life.

Ceratherm T

A plus in safety  


1. Cold
2. Water chamber Hot water inflow
3. Mixed water
4. Cylindrical, chrome-plated brass body
5. Ergonomic handles for volume and temperature

6. RV cartridge with integrated pressure relief valve to protect the thermostat body
7. Rosettes with completely concealed fastening (for some models)
8. FirmaFlow® Therm
9. Ceramic top part with a lifespan of at least 500,000 actuation cycles.

Ceratherm T is both intelligent and safe

The Ceratherm T fitting's body always stays cool, no matter what temperature you prefer. The entire collection is equipped with Cool Body technology, which ensures that hot water is always surrounded by cold water. So users of all ages are protected from scalding and enjoy complete comfort


Temperature regulation - exactly correct, every time.

A perfect bath or shower has to be the perfect temperature. FirmaFlow® Therm allows installers to preset a desired temperature level. You can also choose to set a maximum limit, which can be altered with the push of a button. Should the hot or cold water supply unexpectedly cut off, FirmaFlow® Therm will automatically stop the shower to protect from shocks and scalds – restarting under your control when the water supply returns.

Ceratherm T

Designed to impress

Precise performance.

We have specifically developed the hidden brilliance of FirmaFlow® Therm and made the Ceratherm T body leaner and more compact than ever before. So we created a shower that exudes style and elegance in every bathroom.


Complete control.

With push buttons and controls that fit seamlessly into the body of Ceratherm T, the flow and temperature of the water can be set very easily. In the shower systems, the integrated diverter ensures an effortless change of water flow between the head and hand shower. The range of accessories - which also includes hand showers and ergonomic storage options - offers even more choice and convenience.

Ceratherm T

The power of choice

The various models in the Ceratherm T range open up a wider selection of mixer options (shower system with diverter, bath thermostat and shower thermostat) and accessories - including our Idealrain hand showers - and offer you everything you need to create an aesthetic and functional center for your bathroom. 


The Ceratherm T100 controls are integrated in the valve body and underline their elegant, slim design. Complement your system with EVO or EVO JET hand showers and shower rails for installation.



With the integrated thumb grip, Ceratherm T50 offers the user more control. Perfectly compatible with Easymount 60 or 90 cm shower rails as well as the EVO hand shower 110 mm with Navigo ® push button control.



Ceratherm T25 has a raised button that provides grip and control. Installation with Easymount 60 or 90 cm shower rails is very easy and the Idealrain multifunction hand showers in 80 and 100 mm are a perfect addition.


Ceratherm T

Easy to install. Ready for use.

Thanks to the pre-calibrated thermostatic cartridge and slim design, common connections and adjustable fastenings, the Ceratherm T thermostatic fitting can be installed in almost every bathroom without any problems

The adjustable brackets of the water-bearing shower rail allow existing holes to be covered during assembly. Its elegant shape and concealed fastening make it easy to achieve and maintain a clean look.


1. Ceratherm T100 concealed fastening
2. Movable wall bracket


The perfect addition:

Made for maximum comfort

Our hand showers are as aesthetic as they are powerful:
the perfect partners for our Ceratherm T thermostats.

Large hand showers ensure maximum comfort and nozzles to the very edge allow a luxurious shower experience like a rain shower.

With its different spray types, Idealrain offers an individual shower experience. 

Learn more

in our Ceratherm T brochure

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