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The detail that makes the difference

The Solea control panels have classic shapes that combine perfectly with other equipment and easily integrate into any type of bathroom. The range consists of products suitable for the pneumatic flush actuation system and comes in a variety of colors and finishes, including Soft Touch black. All Solea models are equipped with the dual flush function allowing users to choose the amount of water used when flushing the toilet.

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  • IS_Prosys_Multiproduct_Bro_CZ;2019
    ProSys™ Installation Systems (in Czech language)

    ProSys™ provides the complete installation solution for all washroom fixtures – toilets, bidets, basins, urinals and showers. Within the range, solutions for both solid and dry wall applications are available.

  • IS_Prosys_Multiproduct_Bro_BG-EN_English;FlushPlates
    ProSys™ Flush Plates

    Our range of flush plates offers a great choice of shapes, colors, functions and materials. Choose from mechanical, pneumatic and electronic actuation, even 'no touch' or vandal-resitant models.

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