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Intelligence built in

There has been a renewed focus on the urinal in recent years. Increased concerns about the environment have put sustainability and water consumption in the spotlight, whilst advances in technology have led to functional progress. Designed in partnership with the award-winning Studio Levien, Sphero combines the latest water-saving innovations with timeless aesthetics. It delivers a smarter urinal range that’s fit for the modern world.

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  • IS_Sphero_Multiproduct_Bro_BG-EN_English;2020
    Sphero Brochure

    A smarter urinal range that’s fit for the modern world. Available in three sizes, its concave anti-splash bowl and rounded body house our unique Smart Sensor technology which delivers water-saving benefits as well as outstanding hygiene.

  • IS_Multisuite_Multiproduct_BRO_CZ_Pricelist;2021
    Ideal Standard 2021 Price List (in Czech language)

    For over 100 years, Ideal Standard has been focused on one single mission: to make life better for our customers. We do this by bringing emotional meaning to functional perfection through considered design, always innovating to anticipate the demands and aspirations of modern living.

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