The perfect finishing


The perfect finishing


Whatever your bathroom vision, it is the details that make the difference. We have worked with acclaimed design studios to create flush plate ranges with a choice of shapes, colors, functions and materials to meet any design needs. These include the minimalist Oleas®, the silky ceramic Altes® and contemporary glass Symfo® ranges. You can choose from mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic “no touch” actuation for a new level of hygiene and convenience.

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Ideal Standard’s Altes® and Symfo® ranges follow the idea of creating unobtrusive, visually-appealing objects that provide lasting pleasure by playing their part in the customs of everyday life. Along with aesthetics, functionality and the needs of our customers have also been key considerations in the design process. Both ranges feature the latest no-touch technology making the flush plates both easy to use and ultra-hygienic.


The Altes® range is made from a beautiful ceramic, giving the plates a unique and elegant ‘silky’ finish. Available in either black or white, it blends seamlessly into any environment.

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Symfo® is a tempered glass plate, with a simple borderless design. Its reflective appearance gives a contemporary look and feel to bathrooms.

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Altes® and Symfo® flush plates are the perfect complement to our Strada II and Connect Air ceramics collections.

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The new Oleas® collection has been developed as part of Ideal Standard’s longstanding and successful partnership with Studio Levien. This collection features four minimalistic, highly functional models, which perfectly match the design of other bathroom elements regardless of style.

Robin Levien, founder of Studio Levien commented: “Sometimes design has to stand out, sometimes it has to fit in, the Oleas® flush plates are an example of design that fits in. We have round and square buttons on the flush plates to complement a new bathroom style that is emerging, which is a combination of round and square – you might describe it as soft square, a softer, slightly organic style. The new Oleas® flush plates look good, feel good, work well, and ‘fit in’. Sounds easy, but actually takes some doing.”

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Oleas® flush plates fit very well with the clean geometric lines and soft rounded forms of our Tesi ceramics range.

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Flush Plates

Our tech, your touch

How do you give your bathroom design the perfect finishing touch? Our products have innovative technologies that deliver perfect performance.
Superior hygiene

No-Touch Technology

With no need to actually touch the plate to activate the flush, hygiene and convenience are brought to a new level. Capacitive sensors in our ceramic and glass flush plates detect hand movement at approximately 20mm. Choose between a half flush or a complete flush by simply moving your hand towards the corresponding symbol.
A new level of cleanliness


SmartFlush is a refillable system, placed inside the cistern, where a disinfectant is stored. On each flush, an exact dose of liquid disinfectant is dispensed into the toilet and creates a fresh atmosphere and a feeling of comfort and cleanliness.
In contrast to traditional disinfectant tablets, which are always in contact with water and might damage the cistern and its components, SmartFlush keeps the sanitizing liquid in a separate container.

- Compatible with all chlorine-free disinfectants
- Storage capacity of 450ml
- Controlled dosage: 2ml per flush
- Fast and easy to refill
- Compatible with our range of Oleas® flush plates with mechanical actuation.
The energy of water


This technology removes the need for an electricity supply or batteries to power a capacitive control plate by harnessing the power of the flush to generate energy.
The system is available with our no-touch dual flush control plates, which only require the approach of a hand to activate the flush, making them ultra-hygienic. The SmartForce technology monitors stored energy levels in its rechargeable battery and flushes automatically when required to recharge. The SmartForce system is compatible with our Symfo® and Altes® flush plate ranges.
SmartForce is ideal for bathrooms that are regularly used, but even in very low-usage environments, the battery can be easily recharged with the charger provided.
Tests have shown the following typical performance:

per day

Required charges

(within 2 years)













How it works:

  • The flush is triggered by a no touch capacitive sensor within the flush plate, detection range is between 20 and 30mm.

  • The movement of water refilling the cistern generates power. This extends the battery life by recharging some of the energy spent to trigger the flush.

  • Low battery is signalled via the flush plate flashing red. Recharging is necessary between 6 to 12 months, dependent on use.

  • Compatible with all ProSys® 120 and ProSys® 80 cisterns.

    Please note that the presence of a high percentage of lime-scale in the water may cause obstructions in the hydroelectric generator, leading to malfunction.

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